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Why choose our University Guidance Tour?

At University Guidance Tours we are passionate about helping you navigate and understand the UK university system.
Attend our course and gain the skills and knowledge necessary to make an informed and competitive application to high quality UK universities.
Spend a week with us on our carefully designed course and you will:


nine top UK universities
and meet current students


information sessions hosted
by university admissions


on university campuses
in student accomodation


how school grades relate to UK university landscape and UCAS system with the help of our experienced guidance counsellors

Take part

in personal statement
writing workshops


and make lasting friendships
with other international
students from all over the world


University Guidance Tours helped me get a better
understanding of the UCAS application process as well as
deciding which universities I might want to study at in the
future. My specific questions regarding studying medicine
were answered, which has left me feeling more confident
and given me an advantage over other applicants. In addition
I got to see new places in the UK, talk to university students
regarding their experiences and, of course, make new friends.


The concept of University Guidance Tours is great and really
beneficial to people my age. The universities we visited were all
excellent and highly ranked, yet had distinctly different types of
campus and ways of teaching. This course has really helped me
decide what I actually want (and don’t want!) from a university,
making my decision this September much simpler. I would
definitely recommend the tour to anybody thinking of applying!


The University Guidance Tour was great. I really enjoyed the time
I spent visiting universities and learned a lot doing so; for example,
I have a much better understanding of how life in a university is
from both an academic and social perspective. Everyone I met,
both on the course and at the universities, was very friendly and
helpful and I also made some friends during the week.


This course is extremely beneficial to any aspiring university
student looking to study in England as it allows you to look
beyond the courses provided by the universities online; giving
you a better feel of what the university is like and how it will suit
you as an individual. With our tours led by current students, we
could ask any questions we had about the university and get
detailed answers on the spot. Definitely recommended to anyone
looking to study in England


University Guidance Tours really helped me figure out the kinds of
things I want from a university. Seeing many different kinds of
universities was very helpful, along with the personal statement
workshop at the end of the week. The course staff were friendly
and available throughout the entire day and were able to answer
any questions that arose during the week.

Our story

We have been running short educational courses for international students since 2010 as part of the BAC accredited educational company Oxford Summer Courses.

During this time we have had lots of international students asking us about the many differences between UK universities and the application processes involved.

So we have developed a programme specifically for international students interested in UK universities to enable you to make a competitive application to the right course at the right university.

Course overview

University guidance

We are a team of highly experienced university guidance counsellors with an intimate understanding of the UK university landscape.

Attend one of our tours and receive specialist advice tailored to your aspirations, subject interest and university preferences, our experienced counsellors will:

  • Work with you to target the universities that best suit your academic profile
  • Help you understand the differences between studying and living in each university
  • Explain how the UCAS [Universities and Colleges Admissions Service] application system works
  • Work on your own personal development to help you make the most of your talents, with interactive workshops focussed on:
    • Writing effective personal statements
    • Career guidance

Course benefits

Our tours are also designed carefully to ensure that you get the most out of your time with us and do not simply visit the location of the university but:

  • Meet current students who will answer any questions you have about life as a student there
  • Meet admissions departments of the universities for private talks aimed at your interests
  • Stay in student rooms to get a feel for whether you would like to study and live there

We limit places on our tours to 30 students, so you will get more interaction with your counsellors. As a result you will have the tools necessary to make a successful application to a university which:

  • You feel comfortable in
  • Suits your subject interest and profile
  • Has a course and location that excites you

Experience & Schedule




Arrival to London

You will arrive at our centrally located campus accommodation at
King’s College London to meet your group for the week – all like you,
prospective international students of UK universities.

After the orientation session you will have a relaxing evening getting to know everyone.





On Monday we visit three universities in London.
Depending on the subjects you are interested in we will go to King’s College, UCL,
LSE and Imperial, some of the top universities in the world. As well as visiting
the campuses we will meet and talk with current students and visit the
admissions office so you get a real sense of what studying there will be like.



Bristol and Bath


Bristol is a redbrick university located throughout in a number of locations across
the city of Bristol and is a member of the research intensive Russell Group of
universities. It is often ranked in the top 50 universities globally. After a talk from
the admissions department we move onto Bath, a modern campus university
with particular strengths in science and engineering.





Another Russell Group university, Exeter has risen rapidly in the league tables
and is now consistently ranked amongst the top 10 in the UK. It is also located
in the lovely Cathedral city of Exeter. We will have a private talk from the
international office of the university to help you understand how international
students can make a competitive application to a top UK university.



Oxford and Reading


On day four you arrive in Oxford and settle down for the rest of the tour with
comfortable accommodation in one of the many beautiful colleges of
Oxford University. As well as Oxford University, depending on your subject
interests, we offer options to visit nearby Oxford Brookes University and
Reading University. That evening there is an optional shopping trip to
Bicester Village or a chance to relax.



Warwick or Cambridge


Depending on your subject interest we will then either visit Warwick University
or the world famous Cambridge University.





Friday evening and Saturday are spent in personal development with individual
sessions from our university guidance experts working on your personal statement
and with talks from our experts on the UCAS system and future careers options.





We make time for fun too – with optional visit to world famous heritage sites in
Bath, Exeter and Warwick, a shopping trip to the renowned Bicester Village and
a memorable three course ‘formal hall’ Oxford College dinner on your final
night – bidding farewell to your new friends before heading back home on Sunday.

Personal development

During the week you will keep a journal of your experiences and after all your university visits are over you will take part in our tailored programme of workshops which will focus on the following topics:

  • Understand the UK university system – look at the differences in campus, collegiate, traditional and modern universities and analyse the benefits of each for you
  • Consider your options and subject choices – your motivation and personal preference and where may these choices take you in your future career
  • Introduction to the UCAS application system – work through the process of making an application and understand the application timetable
  • Interactive workshop on how to write an outstanding personal statement

These sessions are led by experienced university guidance counsellors with experience in both A-Levels and International Baccalaureate. We will be challenging you to make a competitive application and you will need to come motivated to learn and understand how to improve your application and chances of gaining a place at a competitive university.

University visits


Campus universities are spread over a large, secure central campus, and are often located slightly outside of the main city.

  • Bath University
  • Oxford Brookes University
  • Warwick University
  • Reading University
  • Exeter University


Collegiate universities are made up of a number of smaller colleges (around 30) which are located across the city in which the university is located. Each college has its own character and feel.

  • Oxford University
  • Cambridge University


City centre universities often do not have a single central campus but their buildings are located throughout the city.

  • Bristol University
  • Kings College, London
  • University College, London
  • London School of Economics
  • Imperial College

In each university you will tour the campus or university area, meet student ambassadors and talk to admissions departments gaining valuable knowledge of how each university works and the differences between them.

We will not simply be visiting the universities though. By staying in London, Bath, Exeter and Oxford you will experience city centre, collegiate and campus style accommodation and really understand whether this is the style of university for you.

Prices and Dates

£ 1,450

Our 2018 University Guidance Course will be running for ages 16-17 and 18-24 on the following dates:

1st July 8th July
8th July to 15th July
15th July 22nd July

The prices includes:

Accommodation, breakfast, lunch and evening meal each day

All travel costs to and from selected universities

All cultural activities and heritage visits

All workshops, guidance and personal development activities

Up to 10 hours of individual/group sessions including daily de-briefing session

A three course college banquet on the final evening



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